Lalitha Kumari: India’s First Female Poet

Lalitha Kumari was an important figure in the history of Indian poetry. Not only was she the first female poet to be published in a major newspaper, she also became the first female judge of the prestigious Jnanpith Award. Born in 1892, Kumari was a pivotal figure in early 20th-century India. In this article, we explore her life and work, highlighting her contributions to poetry and society.

Lalitha Kumari Childhood

Childhood Lalitha Kumari was born in 1892 in the state of Mysore in southern India. At a young age, she showed an interest in writing and poetry. Her first literary work, a collection of poems called “Agni Nandini,” was published when she was just thirteen years old. Kumari became famous throughout India for her poetic works, which were highly acclaimed by both the public and scholars. She died in 1977 at the age of eighty-one.

Early Career

Lalithas Kumari was born in 1879 in southern India. At a young age, Kumari began writing poems, which were later published in magazines and newspapers. She is credited with being the first female poet in India. Kumari died in 1961.

Contribution to Indian Poetry

Lalith Kumari was one of the earliest female poets in Indian history, and her work is still widely read and appreciated today. Kumari was born in 1879 in a royal family of the princely state of Travancore. Even as a child, Kumari exhibited an innate talent for poetry, and she began writing poems while still in school. In 1902, at the age of 24, Kumari published her first book of poetry, entitled “Kavi Prasna”.

Kumari’s work is marked by its rich vocabulary and lush use of imagery. Her poems often explore themes such as love, nature, and society. She is also credited with originating the modern Tamil poetic tradition known as koothu (poetry recitation). Kumari died in 1951 at the age of 82.

Death and Legacy

When Lalithas Kumari was born in 1879, she was the first female poet in India. She wrote about love, sex, and life in her often-controversial poems. Kumari’s death in 1931 at just 47 years old left a lasting legacy of feminist poetry. Read more…


Lalitha Kumari is one of India’s most celebrated poets and has been called the “First Lady of Poetry.” Born in 1879, Kumari was the youngest daughter of a wealthy aristocrat. Forced to marry at 16, she was soon divorced and left with little hope for her future. After years of writing poetry in private, Kumari published her first book of poems in 1936. Her work continues to be influential today and she is often cited as an inspiration by female poets around the world.

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