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Home Activities to Keep Kids Engaged

Entertaining kids at home can be a delightful challenge. With their boundless energy and curiosity, it’s important to have a repertoire of engaging activities that stimulate their minds and keep them happily occupied. From creative projects to educational pursuits, there’s a myriad of activities that can be tailored to suit various age groups while working as a babysitter in Calgary. Here are five engaging home activities to keep kids entertained and learning.

1. Arts and Crafts Extravaganza

Unleash the inner artist in your child with a creative arts and crafts session. Set up a dedicated art space with all the necessary supplies: colored papers, markers, crayons, glue, scissors, and whatever else sparks creativity. Encourage the children to let their imagination flow and create artwork. You can suggest specific themes or let them decide what they want to craft.

From drawing and painting to making paper collages or even simple origami, arts and crafts provide endless possibilities for entertainment. Not only does this activity boost creativity, but it also helps in refining fine motor skills and concentration.

2. Baking and Cooking Adventures

Invite your kids to the kitchen for a fun baking or cooking adventure. Choose simple recipes that are suitable for their age and skill level. Whether it’s making cookies, decorating cupcakes, or assembling mini pizzas, cooking together can be an enjoyable learning experience.

Explain the importance of measuring ingredients, discuss the science behind baking, and let them be hands-on in the kitchen. Not only do they get to enjoy the delicious results, but they also learn about teamwork, following instructions, and the joy of creating something with their own hands.

3. Educational Games and Puzzles

Introduce educational games and puzzles that make learning enjoyable. There are various age-appropriate board games and interactive apps available that focus on different subjects like math, language, science, and more. Choose games that challenge their intellect and expand their knowledge in a playful manner.

Puzzles, memory games, and interactive quizzes are excellent choices. They not only encourage critical thinking but also enhance problem-solving skills. Make it a family activity for added fun and bonding.

4. Indoor Scavenger Hunts

Organize an indoor scavenger hunt to engage kids in an exciting and interactive adventure. Create a list of items or clues they need to find around the house. Tailor the hunt based on their age and interests. You can hide objects or clues strategically in different rooms, and they can work individually or in teams to solve the hunt.

Scavenger hunts are an excellent way to foster teamwork, logical thinking, and attention to detail. Plus, it provides ample excitement as they search for hidden treasures throughout the house.

5. Storytelling and Puppet Shows

Encourage creativity and communication skills by organizing a storytelling or puppet show session. Help the kids come up with a story plot or provide them with a starting point. They can then take turns narrating the story, adding their own twists and turns.

To make it more engaging, let them create simple hand puppets using socks or paper bags. They can then act out the characters in their story. Not only does this activity boost creativity and storytelling abilities, but it also enhances their public speaking and confidence.


Keeping kids entertained and engaged at home as a babysitter Calgary is a delightful venture that fosters creativity, learning, and family bonding. These activities are just a starting point – feel free to adapt and tailor them to suit the age and preferences of the children involved. Remember, the key is to provide an environment that encourages curiosity, imagination, and fun while also promoting educational and interpersonal skills. Enjoy these activities, and watch as the children learn, grow, and have a blast!

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