Exploring the Whimsical World of LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who

In the realm of imaginative play and pop culture mash-ups, LEGO Dimensions has carved its own unique niche. And what better way to embark on a whimsical adventure than to join forces with the iconic time-traveling hero, LEGO dimensions doctor who, where building blocks meet timey-wimey adventures.

Unboxing the TARDIS: A Brief Overview

In our journey through LEGO Dimensions, we’ll first take a peek inside the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) and explore the various facets of this fantastic collaboration.

The LEGO Dimensions Universe

1. The LEGO Dimensions Multiverse

LEGO Dimensions presents a multiverse of possibilities, where various worlds collide. This is the foundation upon which the Doctor Who expansion is built.

2. Doctor Who Meets LEGO

A match made in geek heaven! Discover how the Doctor Who franchise seamlessly integrates into the LEGO universe.

Building Your Timey-Wimey Team

3. The Doctor’s Regenerations

Explore the different incarnations of the Doctor available in the game, each with unique abilities and quirks.

4. Iconic Companions

Who can travel through time and space without companions? Learn about the beloved characters who join the Doctor on this brick-built journey.

Navigating the LEGO Dimensions: Doctor Who Levels

5. TARDIS Adventures

Step into the TARDIS and embark on thrilling adventures across various time periods and dimensions.

6. Classic Villains

Encounter some of the Doctor’s most notorious foes, such as Daleks and Cybermen, as they wreak havoc in LEGO form.

Timey-Wimey Gameplay

7. Puzzle-Solving with a Twist

Experience the unique puzzle-solving mechanics that blend LEGO creativity with Doctor Who’s time-altering abilities.

8. Time Travel Mechanics

Dive into the mechanics of time travel in the game, where changing the past affects the future.

Collectibles and Customization

9. Collecting LEGO Dimensions: Doctor Who Sets

Discover the exclusive LEGO sets and collectibles tied to the Doctor Who expansion, perfect for avid collectors.

10. Customizing Your Adventure

Learn how to personalize your Doctor Who experience with LEGO Dimensions’ customization options. Read more…


In lego dimensions doctor who, the worlds of time travel, interdimensional adventures, and building block creativity collide in a delightful and immersive gaming experience. Whether you’re a devoted Whovian or a LEGO enthusiast, this collaboration is a treat for all ages.

Are you ready to embark on a timey-wimey adventure with the Doctor? Don’t blink; you might miss the fun! So, grab your sonic screwdriver, hop into the TARDIS, and let your imagination run wild in the LEGO Dimensions universe.


  • Can I play the LEGO Dimensions: Doctor Who expansion on any gaming console?
    • The expansion is available for various gaming consoles, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii U.
  • Are there any exclusive Doctor Who characters in the game?
    • Absolutely! You can play as different incarnations of the Doctor and meet iconic companions like Clara Oswald and Amy Pond.
  • Can I create my own custom Doctor Who-themed LEGO creations in the game?
    • LEGO Dimensions allows you to customize your adventure with various in-game building options.
  • What is the recommended age group for LEGO Dimensions: Doctor Who?
    • The game is suitable for players of all ages, making it a fantastic choice for family fun.
  • Where can I purchase the LEGO Dimensions: Doctor Who sets and expansion packs?
    • You can find these sets at major retailers and online stores that sell LEGO products.

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